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Laboratory carries out these food tests:

» chemical tests (such as mycotoxins, heavy metals, trace elements),

» immunological tests (determination mycotoxins by ELISA method)

» microbiological tests.

„Labtarna” offers a full service of chemical, microbiological and physical analyses of food.  Laboratory is testing the following foodstuffs products:
  • Condiment (incl. spice, sauce, sweetener and other),
  • Drinkable (incl. alcohol, soft drinks),
  • Fish and fish products,
  • Fruit and soft fruit,
  • Grain and Grain products (incl. flour, grits, bread and confectionery and other),
  • Meat and meat products,
  • Milk and milk products,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Nutrition fats,
  • Nuts and seeds,
  • Vegetables and vegetables products.
Chemistry and Microbiology departments are working according to International standards. Additionally the results can be assessed in reference to Lithuanian Hygiene Normes and the Commission regulation of the European Comminities (EC).
» Please feel free to contact the Client support department for comprehensive information on foodstuffs analyses and tariffs.
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